Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hello all, I am Husky

Hi all ... *woof woof*

I am Husky (the menace to Redbabe). I am not sure what breed I am but keep hearing Redbabe telling people that I am a mongrel. I am not sure what a mongrel is... but I also heard she explained that a mongrel is a 'chap pa lang' (mixed/cross breed). So I am a chap pa lang. Sounds exotic. I like it *wagging tail*....
Redbabe thinks that I should start a blog too, just like her, cause she says there are some doggies blog citizen or something on the internet (as if I know what the heck that is)... she also says that I am full of nonsence and a menace to her and it is a waste not to start a blog of my own. I wonder what that means....

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