Friday, December 19, 2008

Me & Redbabe & Darling....

(that's me looking all guilty when I just reached home. Redbabe felt sorry for me and fed me again with some dry biscuit that taste like some wet cardboard)

I don't remember anything about my early childhood... everything was kinda misty and fuzzy then. All that I can remember was, I was in a van with this Indian aunty who took me to a factory, bathed me and fed me so much that I was at the verge of puking. I held it back cause I dont want to spoilt the shampoo powdery scent on me. She then put me on a chair in a small room with an Indian uncle.

So, there I sat for an hour or so. It was nice sitting in there watching people going in and out of the gates whiles listening to some Hindi songs...ein na ein na... (I later found out that it was the guardhouse at Darling's factory and the Indian aunty who brought me here is actually the cleaning lady.. no wonder she cleaned me!).

As I was enjoying the fast beating songs, the Indian aunty came back with a lady. That's how I met Redbabe. She was shrieking in happiness when she saw me and to be polite, I did the same. Instead of shrieking, i wagged my tail happily and hopped up and down. Since I've been on the chair for quite awhile, I just couldnt hold it any longer. I peed. I know, I know.. so memalukan... I just can't help it.

Then, Darling came out to join us for awhile (darling cause that's what Redbabe called him or occasionally 'dear' also). Redbabe kept telling him cute I was and that she's going to bring me home. I was beaming from ear to ear...

On the way home, I was all excited & nervous. I kept jumping in the car to catch a glimpse of the landmarks on way home; you know, for just in case i got lost. After jumping a minute or two, I felt sick... out come my lunch. And suddenly I feel like having the urge to poop. Out come my poops too.... sigh sigh.... ultra embarassing for our first meeting. I messed up the car big time with puke & poops.

The moment we reached home, kakak cleaned up whatever she could and Redbabe sent the car for washing... Haiizzz.... I was worried that she was going to hate me from then on. But when she got back, she looked all happy and cheerful again and played with me.

Thank God for a pleasant ending to a messy day! Woof!

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